Thursday, March 22, 2018
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AT HOME Program

Lifetime Wellness offers wellness services for those searching for a solution in their own home.  Whether you have a chronic illness, have recently been discharged from a hospital or post-acute setting or if you are just wanting to take control of your health we can help.  Our experienced Health and Wellness Coach can customize a wellness plan just for you.  The following are a variety of services we can offer.   

For more information please call (972)-529-8782 or email

  •  Wellness Assessment
  •  Wellness Coaching Calls
  •  Health & Wellness Coach
  •  Health Monitoring (Weight, BP, Glucose and Activity)
  •  Home Safety Fall Prevention
  •  Massage Therapy
  •  Personal Training
  •  Recreational Therapy
  •  Nutrition
  •  Personal Organizing
  •  Look Good, Feel Better Session( hair, nails and skin)


Wellness Coaches/Trainers

Our wellness coaches and personal trainers assist, lead and coach AT HOME clients in:

  • Wellness planning, individualized goals and coaching
  • Establishing the most effective exercise training plan to achieve goals
  • Proper exercise training routines to include fitness assessments,
    exercise form, physical performance, low impact and recovery techniques
  • Motivating clients and serving as a training accountability partner
  • Evidence-based tools to assess fall risk in the area of gait and balance
  • Exercise programs to increase strength and coordination
  • Steps for home safety and hazard-proofing

Recreation Therapist

Engaging in safe appropriate activities is an important part of recovering and dealing with any type of health issue.  For both the individual and the family our Recreation Therapist can assist with identifying meaningful, fun activities to keep you active and engaged.

Nutrition Services

Our Health and Wellness Coach/Nutritionist assists our clients in eating healthy and gaining the nutrition needed through a proper diet. Services on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Developing individualized meal plans to ensure clients obtain the
    nutrition they need
  • Nutrition services to include weight loss, help manage chronic disease
    and personal shopping guidance
  • Nutrition education materials and resources

Personal Organizer

Our professional organizers bring order to everything from office filing systems and family records to household items and bedroom closets. We provide practical ideas and structure to help individuals achieve a comprehensive organizational system.

Massage Therapy

Our onsite services provide skilled, professional massage therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness. Our massage therapists customize each massage through multiple massage therapy methods and modalities.  Benefits to massage therapy include:

  • Greater flexibility, range of motion, increase of ease and
    efficiency of movement
  • Promotion of faster healing of soft tissue injuries and reduction
    in pain and swelling related to such injuries
  • Improvement of the circulation of blood and movement