Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Long Term Care Residents

Utilizing our whole person wellness approach we provide a robust, fun filled, customized activity program for all residents to benefit from. We custom-tailor programs either in a group setting or one-on-one to meet the needs of each resident. From Gardening, Outings, Music Therapy, Cooking Classes, Sport Fitness, Spiritual programs and Art, we have something for everyone.


This is a program that is referral driven and assists in providing a continuum of care approach for residents that have completed their therapy and restorative nursing programs. Our Wellness Specialist collaborates with therapy and nursing to providing physical interventions that help continue to maintain function achieved in therapy.  If our qualified staff notices a decline in the residents physical abilities they notify therapy for a rescreen as needed. It’s a great way to partner with therapy and be a meaningful role in the continuum of care.

Wellness Campaigns

Throughout the year we offer campaigns around a variety of topics.  Heart Health, Stroke Awareness, Laughter, Nutrition are just some of the topics that we focus on.  Throughout the month many of our activities and services are centered around these topics to support the residents, families and staff.

Music Therapy/Works

A variety of music interventions are incorporated into our daily program.  This may include a Board-Certified Music Therapist or Music Works Coordinator that provides weekly groups and one-on-one sessions, Music & Memory™,  entertainment for socialization and emotional engagement, sing-a-longs and more!  Our Music therapists are available to co-treat with therapy and have had some amazing outcomes.  


CALM (Comfort And Life Memories) is an aromatherapy, sensory stimulation program that is utilized in a group or one-on-one setting.  Its individualized approached focused on those affected by dementia and uses essential oils and massage as interventions to help enhance the quality of life of the resident. We focus on the person and his/her needs rather than their disease, provide a level of comfort for the family and lessen the task load for the staff.  This program may be customized to fit your residents’ needs in addition to additional training of caregiver staff as it can be a used for residents who get agitated, need appetite stimulation and much more.