Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Rehabilitation Services

Residents receiving rehabilitation services are provided a calendar and newsletter with many fun-filled, meaningful activities. In addition to these opportunities, LTW specializes in wellness programs specifically for the short term resident.  A Wellness Specialist or Certified Recreational Therapist is available to the resident for both individualized and group programs.


Wellness Works

Rehabilitation patients are invited to participate in group health education, leisure social activities called Wellness Works.  These programs provide an opportunity to make connections and socialize with other rehab patients, while providing opportunities for intellectual stimulation and learning. Programs are often held in the familiar environment of the therapy gym, which helps bridge the connection with therapy and wellness.

Specialty Care Programs

Depending on the patient's diagnosis the LTW staff completes an educational assessment customized to the rehabilitation patient. The resident shares with our staff any educational topics they would like to learn more about during their stay. Our wellness staff then follows up with them throughout their stay providing educational material and one-on-one review of the information as needed.

Wellness on Wheels

Using a personal concierge approach, our staff provides a wellness activity cart on a regular basis to each rehab patient.  This offering encourages independent activities and meets the needs of many of the patients.  Examples include: reading material, music, movies, educational material, spiritual reflection resources, games, cards and more.  After a long day of therapy, our wellness staff is there to bring encouragement and independent leisure resources.








Support Groups

Based on need, LTW collaborates with each facility to provide a support group for short term residents, their families, as well as the surrounding community.   Support Groups can be hosted onsite and typically are a great way to reach out beyond the walls of the facility.